Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Have you talked to a 9 year old recently? How about one who's been hopped up on sugar? It's actually pretty crazy, and if you can keep up with the circular conversation, you might just learn something.

Tonight (which is now yesterday, that I am writing about today) I learned that Brick Oven has "sauce tanks", and they just refilled the Alfredo. There are weird words, like "psycho" since the "p" is silent. She knows the lyrics to Pink "Raise Your Glass", (as it is stuck in her head) and for the grand finale she did jazz hands. Which she also announced, while waving them wildly.


Today I woke up with the intention of getting many things done. First being to clean up my house. All I can say is I wish I had a match! Maybe some lysol and DEFIANTLY multiple garbage bags! How is it we can collect so much crap? Seriously?!

To hell with the house! I'm going to the gym then to yoga then to Jo Banditos for chips and salsa and maybe the soup du jour if it is Tequila.


Well, I can't predict what tomorrow will bring, but with any luck it will be a cleaner house.

What I do know tomorrow will bring is preparation of food, consumption of food, laundry, feeding the cat, driving children and silly antidotes from children.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teaching High School

I have officially been teaching on my own for 6 weeks or so. I have another four to go.

I just finished up our unit on mental and emotional health. It went well....but there is so much that I forgot to say. Based on some student evaluation of me that is a good thing. "You talk to much...and class get's boring." said two students.

I was wondering what they had in mind if I didn't do the talking? Perhaps they want to talk, but the two of them NEVER talk. They just make snide remarks about class to each other in Spanish. So, what to do? My vote, which is the one that has veto power, says: I am going to continue to keep talking!!! And flinging my screeching monkey.

I truly love teaching. It is refreshing to be with people who are, mostly, full of hope for the future, have excellent humor, and with whom I really love being around. I have learned so much from watching them and listening to their points of view. One of the evaluation sheets also said, "You don't show it, but you are extremely biased. I feel it when you talk." So I guess I get to be more cautious of how I am presenting material and remind them and myself that while this is one option, and my opinion is another option, there is also a third option and a fourth. They just get to choose their own option.

I have a student who loves, and I do mean LOVES, Taylor. He told me he wants to be Taylor's best friend. This comment was made after I told them about the water down the pants with the funnel story, and the smashing of the chips story, and the cold mashed potatoes between my toes story, and the water over the shower story, etc.

See what I mean? I get paid, well sort off (just not in money yet) to be entertained and experience life through a different set of eyes as my job!

All the lesson planning and all the late nights, dirty house, dirty laundry, cat poop and dog poop and the things in life that have lost their realative importance, are now beginning to pay off.

I am grateful for the opportunity and the place in life I am right now! Thank you Divine Oneness, Universe and all the people whom I truly love.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Austin Update

Taylor and I saw Austin today. This is the first meeting when we have all met together.

Austin is doing well. He has worked his way to a level 3, which means he has all kinds of privilege's now. He can wear his own clothes, he can play games and watch TV (he is really excited to see the Super Bowl this Sunday) and he even has some free-time. He has worked really hard to be where he is at.

He is understanding how when he focuses on something so hard that is what he will get in his life. He is understanding that he determines what his life is going to be and what it will look like.

His eyes are sparkly and he is dealing with emotions and feelings. He asked Taylor and I some pretty hard questions today about how we felt about him. He processed the feelings and the emotions and we made a small, tiny step toward being in a better place.

I love you Austin. I am so proud of you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Boy's

I went to luch with Taylor today. He sent me a text and said, "Lunchies?" that is how I know he is very hungry.

He wanted to go to the Training table, but decided against it because it would raise his blood sugar too high then he would feel really awful. We decided on Magelby's Fresh. They have delicious food.

Earlier in the day he sent me a text and told me he didn't feel good. He never feels good when he eats bad food. I reminded him of that. I also reminded him that he may want to put more live/fresh food in his diet. I think he gave me the stink eye.

His idea of live and fresh differ significanly from mine. Live and fresh to me means something that has high nutrient density and that hasn't been cooked to death. His idea is if you pass by the salad bar with your slab of meat you bick up the nutients by being in their proximity.

Taylor got the fish and chips with a side of cole slaw. I got (according to Taylor) gross soup (black bean tortilla) and an icky salad (Magelby's house salad with raspberry vinegrette).

Isn't life grand?

Now to Austin. This picture was taken at Christmas. When we walked in he had a hola-hoop around his waist. I noticed another young man with a similar hoop. I asked Austin what was up with the hoop and he replied, "I am learning boundries." Isn't that fantastic? I love that concrete idea that is so simple and so profound at the same time. I am going to use that in my class.

I had an appointment yesterday with Austin and his therapist and his caseworker and his doctor. I have to say, despite all the stupid political hoops that must be jumped through for kids to get help, Wasatch Mental Health has the best staff I have ever encountered.

Keep in mind please that I haven't seen Austin for about three weeks or so. Also, I did not flat iron my hair before I went to see him and so it was only round brushed and a tad poofy. The first thing Austin said to me after he said "Hi." was "Do you need to go back home and comb your hair?" I laughed and he laughed.

While we were waiting to see the doctor his therapist made this disclaimer, "Margret is not your usual doctor. She is really good and I have a lot of respect for her."

The therapist was right. Margret is not a usual doctor. She is more of a comedian. She has books like, "Bunnie Suicide, and Ways to tell small kids lies." She also has a magazine that has things in it like a bacon wallet, a chicken chucker, bacon jelly-bean etc. It was right up my ally, and likely Taylors. I was laughing so hard my face hurt.

She had the most amazing way to make Austin feel at home and relax so he could be honest and then open up. The hysteria went on for a good 30 minutes or more and finally she was able to ease in to a not so easy line of questioning. I was amazed at how well she could read Austin and how loving and gentle she was.

Today I am still thinking about her. I am thankful that my son has people like her at his side to assist him in his recovery.

The time Austin has been gone from us has been hard. We all miss him, and he really misses home. He has not behaved well at the treatment center and last week he had 17 poor behavior marks. That means he gets to wear a white shirt and tie everywhere AND the hoola-hoop.

He set a goal this week, knowing that if he doesn't change his course in life he is going to end up exactly where he does not want to be. Being true to his word and following through on his new behavior goal, he has only had 3 poors this week! That is an all time record for him.

I love you Austin. I miss you and I send my love and light to you everyday. The angels and Divine Oneness are with you always.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do you remember when?

I was talking to a long time friend of mine last night of facebook and we got to laughing and talking about the good old days. Not the days of cowboys and horses, but of times that were easy and fun and carefree.

I realize I am approaching this next request much to early...I just don't care. I think it would be a wonderful gift to have a notebook that was called REMEMBER WHEN.

It would be memories of times past that have touched you, have made you a better person, caused you to laugh with such furor that you wet yourself a little. A "smile file" if you will. A book that is done in a collaborative effort to say, "Thank you, I love you, I needed that laugh, I appreciate the time...etc."

What say all of you heathens? I am in!

Remember when Hillary ran out of gas on 8th north in Orem?

Remember when Sharee put up Hillary's 5th grade picture all over work saying, "Have you seen me?" (I couldn't find a milk carton)

Remember when Taylor...good grief the list is just to long to even start...had excess personality?

Remember when Eliza asked Grandma why she had a tail without a cat?

Remember when Maddie couldn't make up her mind to go up-stays or down-stays and ended up peeing her pants?

That's what I'm talking about people. How about it?

This is what I want as gifts from now on. No more presents; I want your memories. I don't' even want it on artsy fartsy crafty cutesy paper. Plain old white paper will work.

Love and light to you all

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stop Sitting On Me...My Elbow Is Getting Tired

Bay likes to sprawl when he is watching the TV. His favorite place to lay is where I sit with my computer.

I can't sit anywhere else because the cords don't reach.

Tonight I asked him if he could sit up for just a second so I could get some information off my computer but he wouldn't so I just sat on him.

He laughed a little, complained a lot and then jabbed his bony little thirteen year old elbow into my back. He thought this would deter me, but he was wrong.I used it to my advantage.

As he dug deeper I moved around to get a dandy massage. All the while telling him, "A little to the right, left, up. Yea, right there."

Then he started to giggle and dig harder, so I sat harder (if that is possible). He giggled some more and said, "Stop sitting on me, my elbow is getting tired."

The strangest things are said at this house.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at our House

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, if you happen to celebrate it. Even if you don't I bet you go out and eat good Chineese food. That sounds good. Perhaps I am hungry.

This year was a tad different for us, but none-the-less, great. The kids had "the best Christmas EVER!!"

Everyone got what they wanted!! (see previous post for more details)
Austin got candy and sweat pants. I'm sure he'll sit around with his hoola-hoop eating candy and playing Monopoly City eating his Christmas goodies.

Bay got superman undies. I sure hope he wears them to school in gym!

Liza got a bottle of her own mustard, which is sitting in our fridge with her name on it. She loooooves mustard; what can I say?

Kate got her own roll of tin foil. She wrapped one present for me and four for Taylorat!

Most importantly we all got love. It was a good day spent with easy times and no stress.

I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life whom I love and who love me and mine back.